Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too much fun

I am having too much fun reading about last night.

Jay Greenberg, whose entire piece is extremely enjoyable, sums up the goalie battle: "Brodeur leads Lundqvist three Stanley Cups to zero, 20 postseason series wins to two, 553 regular-season victories to 139, 101 shutouts to 13. Lundqvist, 3-0 winner last night, leads Brodeur 18-6-4 in all time head-to-head meetings -- regular and postseason combined." Incidentally, that regular-season record is 14-2-4.

Meanwhile, Larry Brooks, whose column is also worth reading (isn't everything worth reading after a game like this?), concentrated on the Oh yeah, there were also people on the ice not wearing #30 storyline, which admittedly is mostly the Sean Avery Sean Avery Sean Avery storyline. It sounds similarly exciting to the Lundqvist always beats Brodeur headline, only it reads more like Avery always beats the Devils: "The domination was complete from one end of the ice to the other. For 60 minutes at the Garden last night the Rangers owned the Devils, mind, body and soul. With Sean Avery wearing Blue, what else is new?"

Read both of these articles, and rejoice.

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