Sunday, March 22, 2009

Standings Update

Even quicker:

The Caps couldn't beat the 'Canes (etc.), but the Maple Leafs won in Montréal, and the Blue Jackets won in Florida. Then, today, the Flyers won in Pittsburgh. All in regulation. Overall, not bad. Standings before our game tonight:

4. Philadelphia, 88 pts, 11 GR
5. Pittsburgh, 86 pts, 8 GR
6. Carolina, 85 pts, 8 GR
7. NEW YORK RANGERS, 84 pts, 10 GR
8. Montréal, 81 pts, 10 GR
9. Florida, 80 pts, 10 GR
10. Buffalo, 76 pts, 10 GR

In conclusion, Let's Go Rangers!

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