Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hoo boy here we go again

Happy one-year anniversary to this blog, by which I mean: Happy Trade Deadline Day!

Gonna be a bit of a weird one for me, as I'm out in San Fran on business (yes, it's 6:45 AM here), but I'll try to keep as on top of things as I can. Start paying me to do this, and I'll update as frequently as you like.

So far, we've had some pre-Deadline Day moves of note: the Pens pulled Ponikarovsky from Toronto for a question mark named Luca Caputi and a mediocre Stanley Cup winner, Martin Skoula. They also got Jordan Leopold for one second-round pick. I feel like they won both of those deals. Also, Chris Chelios signed with the "please someone figure out how we can stay in" Atlanta Thrashers, and he is three years younger than my mom. No offense to my mother, who would sooner read the complete works of Ayn Rand than this, or any, hockey-related material - I'm not saying she's objectively old, but she's not exactly NHL material.

Matt D'Agostini is a Blue now, for young winger-I've-never-heard-of Aaron Palushaj. Plenty for both teams to be hopeful/bitter about there. Andy Sutton joins, and probably surpasses, Jordan Leopold on the list of defensemen we apparently could have acquired for one second-round pick, but didn't. He's now a Senator.

Not on board with that list? Sutton's a $3 million cap hit, Leopold is half that, both contracts expire at the end of this season. For one second-round pick, which we'd use poorly and then trade away the results in a season anyway. If you wanna talk about rebuilding, and you should, consider this: how much better would Del Zotto, Gilroy, Girardi, and Staal be playing right now if their veteran example were the huge, physical Andy Sutton instead of Wade Redden?

Right now, all is quiet, with light rumors circulating around Dennis Seidenberg and Tomas Vokoun. As for the Rangers, word on the street is that Sather "is interested in a top six forward and a solid defenseman." Yeah, no shit. Some people are talking about Gilroy for the Predators' Daniel Hamhuis. Okay, sure? Hamhuis is 27, and is apparently actually a physical defenseman. Not gonna think too much about this right now, it's way too early in rumor phase.

Oh, and Sheldon Souray will apparently probably get traded to someone today as well.

Everybody hold on to something...

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  1. What do you mean Mom is not NHL material?! It depends what role she would have to play on a particular team. She could certainly play D @ MSG.