Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm sorry what?

Some interesting reports on those magical internet streams that we call the twitters.

As for Alternates, the word is that Callahan was given an A, and that's it. Torts is holding off, it seems, until another viable Alternate Captain candidate is found. I like it. In my ideal world, Dubi eventually earns his A as well, and those two go on to lead the Rangers into the future. I like not slapping the A on Rozsival's or Gaborik's chest just because you're supposed to, and holding off until you find the appropriate man. That said, Gaborik could just as easily be the Alternate 5 weeks, or 5 days, or 5 minutes from now - but still, I think it's kinda a cool message: you have to earn that A.

Meanwhile, say goodbye to Semenov? The story now emerging seems to explain why the contract was a done deal and a no-brainer and yet "issues emerged." Um...his...wife...said no. Yeah, the word is he "couldn't talk his family into it." Semenov had reportedly said "I'd love to be here, but don't know if it's going to work out." According to Zipay, "Sather said [the] players and agent agreed but Semenov's wife nixed [the] deal." Um, so, I guess, we need to find a big, veteran defenseman for $961,667.

What the fuck?!?

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  1. From my father:

    "We need to find a big, veteran defenseman for $961,667" whose wife lets him go to work.
    What the f*ck did she think he was doing since August?