Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Five Things I Like Today

5. When I woke up yesterday morning, my girlfriend said to me, "sorry about the shootout [from the previous night]." My reaction was, "meh, we played a good game, so did they, it ended in a tie. Then we played the weird skills competition game and they earned themselves a free Bettman Point. Teams do that all the time - we've got five Bettman Points so far on the season ourselves. Whatever. Why should a 7-round shootout affect how I feel about a hockey game?" She then revealed to me that her father, who attended the game, heroically Walked The Fuck Out after overtime, and did not stick around for the shootout. Awesome.

Those aren't the #5 Thing I Like Today, they're the lead-up. The Thing in question is that we have a coach who basically feels the same way, and is willing to say it. Asked about why we went first instead of our usual second, Torts explained that we'd be going back in the future: "[Lundqvist] talked to me, he feels more comfortable making the first save. It's kind of his show in that silly skills competition we do, so... I have to listen to him."

Silly skills competition, indeed.

4. I know it's a Penguin doing it, but still: this.

3. The title of this video on YouTube is not the point. I watched it without sound. The point is just two guys, chilling and watching a basketball game.

2. Torts again! Comes out and says "I agree that Staal shouldn't be suspended, he sucker-punched a guy but it wasn't a huge deal, it wasn't dirty, intent-to-injure-type stuff" (I paraphrase here, of course). Then calls the league to ask why no one penalized Orpik for shouldering Avery in the head - not saying it was dirty, just that it really should have been penalized. The obvious implication: "you would have called a penalty if this were anyone but Avery, and if the situation were reversed, it would have been a suspension." Here's Brooks's take.

1. The long-awaited return of Vinny Prospal to the lineup tonight. That is so fucking cool. I hope he's good again. Also, despite his return, Staal will keep the A, which is bonus-awesome. Clearly, Newbury sits. Looks like the first line will be Prospal-Stepan-Gaborik? That's a pretty good line. I'd bitch a little about that obviously meaning Avery will end up on the fourth with Drury, except as we learned 2 nights ago, they're more guidelines than they are lines, and everyone will skate with everyone else.

Bonus: Fuck you, fatty! Spend the second half of April fucking your sister-in-law or whatever, you won't be playing hockey!

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  1. ...Maybe they were booing Lundqvist.....