Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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So, last night, my father asked me to text him updates throughout the game, because he's on a business trip and couldn't watch the game. I found out about 8 minutes into the game. I know this doesn't count as an actual post, but as long as I'm too busy/lazy/sick to actually post, this is probably better than nothing? It's like a liveblog? Only not.

7:15 PM You're not watching later, you want updates?
7:21 PM Avery with a great move around 3 canes to the goal mouth, save, prust tips in. A few minutes later, prospal hit post. Then anisimov made an awful blind move right in front of hank that should have led to a cane goal but didn't. 1-0 us, 8 min. in. All rangers right now
7:31 PM Prospal for slashing at 10:45. Great saves. Lots of chances, kill, but looong time in our zone. Still 1-0, 6:00 to go in 1st
7:40 PM Gilroy stripped in the neutral zone, was about to get odd-man rush. Instead, cane breakaway, puck off post, then off hank's back, then in. 1-1, 2:00 left in 1st
7:44 PM Zuccarello hooked with 1:45 left. Great PP, but no goals. 1-1 after 1.
8:06 PM 2nd is underway. So far tonight, wolski step zucc line looks great, staal having a great game, christensen and anisimov suck
8:10 PM Boyle just got very slashed, no call
8:11 PM Also, 6 min into second, shots are already 24-16 us
8:17 PM 9:30 into 2nd, we go on PP. Only so many non-calls before they finally call one. Also, Avery is too good for his line.
8:25 PM Back to our usual awful PP. 6:20 to go in 2nd, still 1-1. Prospal looks very good. BS call on Boyle for kneeing.
8:27 PM Penalty killed. 4:00 left in 2nd, 1-1.
8:39 PM 2:15 to go in 2nd, puck over glass on canes. 1:30 later, hooking on pitkanen. Nyr take TO, Step misses wide open net. Callahan perfect deflection as soon as 5-on-3 expires. 2-1 us after 2, back to full strength to start the 3rd.
9:02 PM 1:30 into 3rd McD called for int. Right call. Prust great on kill, no shots, but Jokinen scores top shelf through a screen before McD makes it back into play. 16:00 to go, 2-2
9:08 PM Canes shot from the point, jokinen completely outworks sauer to the front of the net, tips in his second of the period. 13:30 to go, 3-2 canes.
9:11 PM Also marc staal is in the locker room, possibly because his brother hit him in the head.
9:20 PM Canes come down 3 on 1, save Lundqvist. 7:30 to go, still 3-2.
9:23 PM Boyle is very strong on the puck, and this seems like Prospal's 15th shot on goal. But no dice, still 3-2, 5 min to go.
9:28 PM Rangers as usual with a billion shots but no goals. 3:30 to go, Canes TO, shots 41-28 us.
9:32 PM BRILLIANT set of moves by Wolski through the zone then in front of the net. Off a Cane stick, in. 3-3, 1 min left
9:34 PM OT! 7th and 8th place teams each get at least a point, bad news for Devils
9:39 PM Halfway through OT, good chances on both ends, still going...
9:44 PM SO many not-quite-goals. Time for a silly skills competition for a free point in the standings.
9:47 PM Skinner - save Hank. Christensen - save Ward.
9:48 PM Jokinen - save Hank. Zuccarello - too many moves, missed net
9:49 PM Samsonov - save Hank. Wolski - GOAL!!
9:50 PM No Gaborik, no Staal, final score 4-3 Rangers

That's all I've got for now, sorry.

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