Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, Callahan and Dubinsky are our additions tonight. Grachev was sent back to Connecticut. Haven't seen any lines announced yet. Here's what mine would be:


If I understand my father's scrawled e-mail correctly, I think he would use:


What would you do? What will Torts do?

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  1. Avery Anisimov Gaborik
    Wolski Stepan Zuccarello
    Prust Boyle Callahan
    Newbury Drury Dubinsky

    I'd probably change it again by Thursday to move 17 up, but if Dubinsky was a still a maybe for tonight fairly recently, I don't mind easing him back into it while still keeping Avery up top, Prust & Boyle together, and the youngsters together.

    If I'm Torts, though? Let's get into character. I'm getting fiery and emotional.. on the outside I'm shrugging off what they said about me at the ASG, on the inside I'm a little hurt, on the inside of that I'm loving it.. and go.

    Dubinsky Anisimov Gaborik
    Prust Boyle Callahan
    Wolski Stepan Zuccarello
    Drury Newbury Avery
    I keep the lines I usually like together and still make sure Avery gets limited time.. but, I'll probably change it in the second period anyway.