Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wrong about Everything?

OK, I apologize for some predictions, but not for others.

I was wrong about Phoenix-Detroit, but I said I picked Phoenix "against my better judgement," and because I liked them more, and I said this would be a very close series that would be great for hockey, and it came down to a game 7, and it was absolutely a close, great series. I do not apologize for this prediction.

I was wrong about Kings-Canucks, but, like, not really. I think I said something about this being a series I couldn't care about, and I arbitrarily picked LA, cause something I can't quite place about Vancouver rubs me the wrong way. Vancouver came out and was a much better team, and absolutely should have won the series, and then did. Whatever.

I was wrong about Devils-Flyers, which I do feel bad about. It was painfully clear watching any 3 minutes of this series that the Devils were totally outclassed. The Flyers hit hard and beat the Devils to the puck in pretty much every game, even that one they lost. I regretted this pick almost immediately, and I do apologize for it. Man, it has never felt better to be wrong than to hear the Rock booing Kovalchuk every time he touched the puck, as the Devils lost their third consecutive first round at home.

And, then, there's that other series I got wrong. Look, it was clear to everyone after a few playoff games that the Caps were not, as I had claimed, going all the way. They did not, as they had to, remember how to play the physical, defensive hockey the Playoffs demand. They did not, really, even buckle down and work hard, a lot of the time. So, no, the Caps were not going to hoist the Cup this season, regardless of round 1's results.

However: even revising my claim that far, I would never have said they'd drop out this early. Even the limp, flat Capitals should have been able to use Ovechkin Power to beat the damn Habs. Halak was a huge difference-maker in the series, and that, combined with the Caps just plain not playing Playoff hockey, push the decision the other way, by one goal in Game 7. So it goes.

Go, um, Wings? Go Hawks? Go, uh, Bruins, I guess?

Fuck the Eastern Conference. Two great series coming up in the West. Watch them.

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  1. You don't have to apologize for guessing. No one reads your blog so it's okay if you say something wrong.