Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two other things

1. Rozsival's assist on Avery's goal last night was perfect in every way, because he tried the simple act of passing the puck from his point to the other on the power play, managed to fuck it up so badly that he took the team offsides, and then stood around and watched while Gilroy retrieved that errant bullshit, the rest of the team touched up, and Gilroy passed across the ice to hit a streaking Avery, who had plenty of space to find the back of the net. It is astounding how bad he can be while he keeps getting offensive points. I'd be infuriated, except it might make it easier to trade him to some Western Conference team who's looking for a "veteran offensive defenseman" and hasn't actually seen him play: Rozsival has 13 assists so far on the season.

2. Rumor has it Johnson will actually be starting tonight. Rest well, Hank. You'll be back a day and a half later, in Boston... Meanwhile, let's hear it for Chad "no, this joke isn't old yet, fuck the Bengals" Dosnueve!

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  1. (From my father, who lives in Atlanta)

    That's it; I'm not going.