Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Questions Jim Cerny wants to answer

Jim Cerny hosted a live chat on Blueshirts United this afternoon, to answer fan questions about the upcoming season. Dave Maloney dropped in for a while. It seemed to be a pretty good forum to ask my somewhat concerning 6.5-million-dollar question. So I submitted: "If the Redden Rule (no AHL salary burial) is in effect for this season, but teams don't get compliance buyouts until next season, are the Rangers stuck with Redden's $6.5 million cap hit for this year?"

Unfortunately, either Cerny or whatever moderator picks questions for him wasn't interested in addressing this question, or my follow-up half an hour later: "Jim, sorry to repeat an unanswered question, but can you explain the Redden cap situation? Does full AHL salary count against cap, or only partial? And does it count this season even though Rangers can't use compliance buyout until next?" So, I have no answers for you. Instead, I am forced to provide a treasury of the questions Jim Cerny did answer this afternoon, while he was not answering my question about the Rangers' salary cap situation.

  • Dave, when is Ron Duguay going to get a hair cut?
  • Which Ranger will lead the team in goals this season?
  • It would be nice to see Rupper hammer some guys like he used to do against the Rangers!
  • Even though he is new to the team, do you give Nash a letter on his sweater out of respect?
  • hey jim what do think the rangers chances of winning the cup
  • Hey Jim, are Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti ready for this season?
  • Hi Jim. The Rangers, after many years have finally put a team together that is not simply playing the game of hockey but rather play for each other. Who are the people most deserving the credit for that ? (Note: this one's response started with "Wow, great question, really a good one.")
  • Jim: there was a rumor that Leetch might be brought in as a PP coach. Any truth to that?
  • Hello Jim :) when do the camp start?
  • Will the rangers come out on top in the conference this season?

So, if you want Jim Cerny's answers to any of those hard-hitting, fact-based, relevant questions, they're available.

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  1. So annoying! Thanks for trying to get a good question answered.