Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One question and one brilliant thing

So, the vast majority of reports about these compliance buyouts I talked about yesterday say that each team can use up to two, used in some combination of the 2013 offseason and the 2014 offseason. Most of these reports imply, or outright state, that the buyouts cannot be used right now, in preparation for this shortened 2012-'13 season. However, it seems obvious that compliance with all the rules of the new CBA, including the Redden Rule, would be in place immediately.

So, my question is this: are the Rangers screwed cap-wise this year? Does Wade Redden's AHL value of $6.5 million (pro-rated) count against the cap for this abbreviated season, with the Rangers having no buyout recourse until next season? If so, that would mean that there's no option but to have $6.5 million of this season's cap tied up in Wade Redden. That's not the best.

Meanwhile, in awesome news, a Vancouver-based women's hockey team that calls itself the Ice-O-Topes apparently releases an annual pinup calendar for charity. That's not the awesome part yet. The awesome part is that they've decided, this year, to recreate "classic hockey moments" in their photos. The first photo shown in the article? Miss May, recreating the classic hockey moment "Mike Milbury Beats a Fan with His Own Shoe." That is awesome.

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