Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No buyout?

Well, Chris Drury was not placed on waivers today, which I'm fairly certain means he won't have time to clear waivers before the buyout deadline. Which means he's not being bought out. So, for now, he's worth a $7.05 million cap hit. That brings us down to $18,336,858 to spend on Richards, RFA raises, and any other free agents. If we can get things done well this summer, I feel like that's much better for us moving forwards. If Drury's knee is really too bad, we can drop him onto LTIR and have plenty of room to work. If he can still play, that brings up all sorts of other possibilities. Hell, he might even retire, if he feels he's unfit to play. Whatever happens, this is better for us in the long run. The question now is what happens this summer.

Summer cap room remaining (according to my approximate calculations): $18,336,858


  1. EDIT: this may all be false. Trying to figure out how all this works...

  2. OK. I read some of the CBA and SPC. I have no idea what the beat writers have been talking about in terms of clearing waivers; it looks to me like the deadline for NOTIFICATION of a buy-out is Thursday at 5:00, and waivers may be cleared, according to the SPC "before or promptly after" this notification. So I'm pretty sure the waivers have nothing to do with the deadline, and the Rangers can announce a buyout of Drury as late as Thursday.