Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roster update

The real roster for tonight (maybe):

Avery - Prospal - Lisin
Grachev - Boyle - Kotalik
Rissmiller - Arnason - Parenteau
Voros - Matt Maccarone (?) - Jordan Owens (?)

Same defense and goalies.

Fuck the Devils!


  1. Stupid Rangers lost tonight, but some Rangers really looked great...i.e. Gilroy, lol.

    Thanks for the add on the blogroll! I'll add you too, but I'll have to justify to the girls that it's *NOT* just because of the name of blog :-).

  2. I wish I could watch these games! I miss hockey! Glad to hear Gilroy (and, from what I hear, Grachev) looked good. At least that's something we can be excited about...and at least we didn't lose to Brodeur...

    Thanks for the add back! And I think your strategy is wrong - you should use the title of my blog as evidence that I know what I'm talking about ;-)