Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't do what I said

Don't click down there. Click here instead. This is better. This is much better. 'Cause this is the Devils' broadcast. This shows two things the other video doesn't. You get to see the absolute tantrum Marty throws, including smashing his stick against the boards. He is a child. Also, you get to hear the whole thing announced by Chico Resch. You get to watch him complain about some goalie interference non-call, even showing the clip, over and over again, of Marty being bumped a full foot in front of the crease, while Chico complains about how Marty is clearly still in the crease. You even get to hear him commend Marty for the stick-throwing tantrum! This whole thing is so priceless, I'm linking you to it twice. If you were a Devil fan (*shudder*), how embarrassed would you be?? This is Devils' hockey.

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