Monday, June 25, 2012

The draft was awesome

But I'm a few days too late to write up anything you haven't already seen about the Rangers' (and other teams') picks. If you missed it all, just go read Scotty Hockey's recap - pay special attention to the "still not drafting any goalies ever" part (although, admittedly, Vasilevsky and Subban were both taken by the time the Rangers picked).

On top of that, you probably also heard that the Devils, one pick after the Rangers, drafted Stefan Matteau, whose father made his name famous in Ranger-Devil history. I have to admit it was pretty heartbreaking to hear them announce that pick. Part of me feels like they spent a first-round pick just to make Ranger fans sad. And honestly, would you blame Gordie Clark if he spent a first-rounder just to somehow break the hearts of Devil fans everywhere?

Meanwhile, it seems like Scott Howson and Garth Snow's competition for "GM you'd feel most comfortable replacing and instantly doing a better job than" seems to have come to a head at the draft, when the two incompetent former players actually tried to make a deal with each other. Check this mishegas: the Islanders apparently wanted NHL-ready defensive prospect Ryan Murray, and therefore Columbus's second-overall pick which ended up getting him, so badly that they offered the Blue Jackets their entire draft for it.

I am not making this up. The Islanders had not traded away any of their 2012 picks, including their 4th-overall first-rounder, and they offered all. fucking. seven of them. This would have given the Blue Jackets, who had already traded away their 5th-rounder, 12 picks in this year's entry draft, including the #4 overall. Of course, Columbus rejected the deal.

Dear Garth Snow or Scott Howson, three days ago,

I don't care if Ryan Murray does turn out to be the next Nicklas Lidstrom: right now, he is an 18-year-old who has never played a day in the NHL, and you can't possibly know that. Your team is shit, and what you need right now is not one great player, but lots of okay-to-good ones. By giving up on Murray, you are still guaranteed to be able to draft at least either Morgan Reilly or Griffin Reinhart (and probably your choice of the two, assuming the Canadiens are interested in a big forward, like Alex Galchenyuk or something). In exchange, you also get to draft a butt-ton of other players who probably aren't terrible, and maybe in a few years you could play a playoff game or four. Doesn't that sound nice?

What the hell is wrong with you?


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