Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two losses later

So, we actually played what I thought was a pretty solid game against the B's. Lost 3-2 in what was a reasonably solid battle, good hockey from both sides, and we were the ones that came up short. I don't hate losing a game like this (unless it's to, like, the Devils), even though it's a loss.

As for the Avs last night, that was awful. Just awful. Looking forward to a quick chance to come back tonight against the Wild. Also, welcome back to Gaborik and Boogaard - we'll see how that goes.

Right now, I wanna talk some about personnel. In net, I wanna give a compliment to Marty Biron, who, without looking spectacular, has shouldered a whole lot of burden lately, and it's nice to have a backup who can be relied on like that. Woot. As for Hank, I think pulling him last night was more a move to give him reprieve so he can play fresh tonight than it was an indictment of his play. People were quick to get on him for his mediocre play, but he didn't really have a clear, easy shot on any of the three goals against him last night. He wasn't regal, but he wasn't awful. I tend to think in a European way about goaltender changes anyway: if a guy isn't feeling it, pull him out - no big deal.

On defense, gold stars go to Matt Gilroy and Mike Sauer, who have really stepped up and acted as a reasonably solid third pair since Michal Rozsival's been injured. Eminger is not the defenseman Rozsival has been this season, but he's played fairly well in some key minutes. What he lacks in talent, he's been making up by hitting people, which is a recipe I support.

On the other hand, Michael Del Zotto (why is half of our defense named Michael?) has been the defensive let-down I expected. Not that any Rangers played particularly well through the first half of last night's game, but all the glaring errors go to him. This is, in fact, the sophomore slump I anticipated, and I wouldn't blame Torts if Eminger's the one who stays on the second pair when Rozsival returns.

Up front, I recommend a change for tonight: switch Avery and Fedotenko. I like the switch of Christensen and Stepan (one step closer to Hartford, Erik. I love to say I told you so, so: I told you so). Now, I'm not suggesting that Fedo, who has played good hockey for us, deserves a demotion to the fourth line. But right now, of Prust, Avery, and Fedo, one of them needs to go down (unless we teach one of them to play center). I've liked the Avery - Boyle - Prust line the few times we've seen it this season, and I still maintain that Avery deserves more ice time than he's getting right now. He looks solid almost every shift he's out there, and I think he makes things happen if he gets more time out there, especially if it's more time that he's opposite Prust (or Fedo) instead of White or Boogaard. Then see what Fedotenko, Christensen, and Boogaard can do. Can't hurt, right?

Stop writing, Aaron. You've said all you had to say, and you're just gonna reiterate it. Your 3 readers get it. Shut up and click "Publish."

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  1. How good was Biron last night? He doesn't make the spectacular save but he also doesn't let in the crappy odd-angle goal once a game.

    I think Eminger has been solid.

    Christensen has got to go. He's an empty suit who throws teammates under the bus.

    Del Zotto's been awful. 6 pts and a -3?

    How great was watching the Isles and Devs lose? And I love watching ole' bobble head Daneyko on HNL, drunk off his ass.